The Last Princess

WINNER, Popularity Award - 37th Blue Dragon Film Awards
WINNER, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actress, Best Music, Best Costume Design - 53rd Grand Bell Awards


2016 saw a surge of productions depicting Korea’s time under the rule of Imperial Japan. This period in history has provided the setting for a string of high-quality blockbusters that is still continuing into this year. And while other works took the path of self-aware genre efforts, The Last Princess uses the real-life story of Princess Deokhye (Son Ye-jin) to depict a heart-rending tragedy beset by nationalism run rampant. At age thirteen Deokhye, the last princess of the Joseon dynasty, is sent to Japan under the pretense of continuing her studies. In actuality, the Japanese government has plans to use her as a pawn to further their control of the Korean people. Over the years and after many failed attempts to return to her homeland, she runs into childhood friend Kim Jang-han (Park Hae-il) now an officer for the Japanese army but secretly part of the Korean independence movement. Together they hatch a plan to get her out of Japan. This decade-spanning saga combines elements of romance, action, and the spy thriller; featuring an excellent turn by Yoon Je-moon as the pro-Japanese general who is Deokhye’s lifelong antagonist.

Director Hur Jin-ho
Country South Korea
Year 2016
Runtime 127min
Starring Son Ye-jin, Park Hae-il, Ra Mi-ran, Jeong Sang-hun

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