Cowboy and Indian

A young Bengali bride materializes out of the barren, desert landscape like a mirage. Our Indian protagonist collapses in the dry heat. The bride wakes up in a cowboy’s bedroom. The cowboy attempts to help her, but gets nowhere because she doesn’t speak English. The unlikely pair discover things aren’t always what they seem.


Director Sujata Day
Cast Sujata Day, Cameron Fife
Country USA
Year 2017
Runtime 8 min

Director Statement

My film​'s message​ ​is particularly poignant in ​Trump's America. The Cowboy represents our co-workers, friends, even family members, who are filled with fear and hatred​ but don't show it​. The Cowboy is all the people we don’t know, because we live our lives in blue-state bubbles. The Cowboy is the alt-right hiding behind their computer screens writing comments, manifestos, and denigrating “Others.” ​​At the beginning of Cowboy and Indian, the Indian is a submissive girl, unable to communicate her thoughts. ​The Indian is a symbol of all the marginalized people who have been stomped on in America in the unconscionable surge of white supremacy, overt sexism, and assault on black lives.​ ​People, especially​ women of color​,​ in America have been stomped on so many times and each time we get back up. We always rise.