52Hz, I Love You


Official Selection - 2017 Osaka Asian Film Festival


The 52-hertz whale emits a call that no other species of whale can hear. In short, it is the sea’s loneliest creature. Taiwanese hit-maker Wei Te-sheng assembles a fleet of pop stars to populate this musical romance set in contemporary Taipei. A florist (Zhuang Juan-ying of musical group Katncandix2) attends to those in love while having no one to give or receive flowers from; a handsome chocolatier (Lin Zhong-yu of Cosmos People) has been friend-zoned by his secret crush Lei (Mify Chen of Men Envy Children) an event planner who herself is planning on ending a stagnant relationship with her struggling musician boyfriend; unbeknownst to Lei he is planning to propose the same night; and a lesbian couple tries to carry on despite the disapproval of those around them. Each of these lonely hearts sings out into the void of the city, hoping someone out there can pick up on their frequency. On Valentine’s Day their paths will intertwine culminating in the crux of their romantic destinies.

Director Wei Te-sheng
Country Taiwan
Year 2017
Runtime 109min
Starring Chuang Chuan-Ying, Lin Chung-yu, Mify Chen, Suming Rupi, Cyndi Chao


Wei Te-sheng and Taiwanese film history go hand in hand. His 2008 film Cape No. 7 would eventually become Taiwan’s highest grossing domestic film, a title which it still holds to this day. A romantic drama where music plays an important role - a foreshadow of Wei’s full on musical 52Hz, I Love You - Wei partially financed the film himself, its success allowing him to direct his dream project of an action epic chronicling an aboriginal uprising against Japanese colonizers in 1930s Taiwan. Entitled Seediq Bale the 4.5 hour saga was released in two parts, each one also maintaining high rankings on the domestic box office (part one second only to Cape No. 7).

His next project kept him in the time period of 30s Taiwan but in a different genre: the sports picture. Released in 2014, Kano follows the real-life multi-racial high school baseball team that represented Taiwan in a Japanese championship. Wei acted as producer and co-writer of Kano giving directing duties to Seediq Bale star Umin Boya. The real-life underdog story resonated with audiences and once again for Wei, the film remains one of the top-grossing domestic films.

Director Wei’s beginnings were humble, his entry point to the film industry was with Edward Yang’s Atom Films and Theater as a grip assistant. Eventually he would become assistant director to Yang (whose 1985 film Taipei Story is playing at CDFF2017 in its new restoration) on the 1996 film Mahjong. "He taught me to be a perfectionist and not sacrifice one's vision, even on a tight budget," Wei said, "He also told me to use my own life experience and not copy anybody."

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